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Several languages

The same program running in several instances, each in their own language, simply by setting an environment variable.

Editing an internationalized program

This is the sample application that is included in the download. Note the two different ways to translate: With resourcestring and with the _('Text') syntax. The FormCreate event translates the .dfm strings, and both buttons show the same, translated message.

Gorm editor for non-tech translators

Gorm is probably the best editor for non-tech translators.

poedit on Windows

poedit is a more technical translation editor. It has a repository and can automatic do some translation.

poedit comment editor

poedit can show the comments extracted from the source code.


KBabel is Linux only, but it's cool.

Extracting texts

This shows how GNU gettext integrates into the Windows explorer. It does this on folders, .exe files and .po files.

Extracting texts

Options for text extraction

Extracting texts

Text extraction results

Updating translations

This is how you can update translation files with templates. This must be done every time the list of texts to translate is changed.

Solving the 'file(s)' problem

This shows how to translate something countable into languages, that have different handling of singular/plural than English (like French), or maybe even have more than two plural forms (like Polish).

Translating using notepad

This is the emergency solution, but it works. And since all translators have notepad or something equivalent, no technical problems can prevent a translator from doing his/her job.