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Why you should choose this tool

  • Can be used for commercial, closed sourced, proprietary applications at no cost.
  • Free. Easy deployment. Full source. Very good return of investment when convertering from Delphi ITE.
  • No DLLs required and no DLLs involved. You can even embed the translations in the .exe file, so that your entire application deployment only consists of a single .exe file.
  • Full support for frames, inherited forms etc.
  • Well proven technology - has been used to localize thousands of applications.
  • The translator can see the translated program in action before returning the translation to the programmer.
  • Translator only needs Notepad, no additional software required
  • The programmer decides what gets translated and what doesn't (unlike the ITE where the translator decides)
  • Programmer can write comments for the translator
  • Share translations between applications, reuse as much as you can from previous translations, and make computerized translations based on online dictionaries.
  • Much smaller files than the ones produced by Borland's Integrated Translation Environment.
  • If you should run your program with old versions of the translation files, it still works (unlike the Delphi ITE system).
  • Very good translation tools for those who don't like notepad: GormKBabelPOEdit. And they're free, too.
  • Change language at runtime.
  • Several languages at the same time if needed (imagine a localized invoice system that can send invoices in multiple languages that are different from the GUI language)
  • Full Unicode support without depending on the Microsoft Unicode layer
  • Supports for Kylix 3, Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, FreePascal, Lazarus and C++ Builder.
  • Handles translation of numbered items (like '0 files', '1 file', '2 files' etc.) to languages with different ways of doing plural easily
  • Spellchecker (part of KBabel)
  • Fully compatible with WINE
  • Scriptable
  • Tools to convert your existing translations from the Delphi ITE - you do not have to translate it all again.


  • .net is not supported

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